5000 HD/SD Audio-Video Delay System

All in One Profanity Delay System

Cal Media’s 5000 openGear card is an all-in-one broadcast delay offering everything needed to managing objectionable material during live events. Includes built-in switching with reaction time, audio embedding/de-embedding, still image storage, and test pattern generator.

Profanity Switching

  • Switch to “Safe” inputs
  • Switch audio and video independently
  • 2 GPI control inputs
  • Programmable reaction times
  • Clean switching (NO clicks or pops)

Broadcast or Stadium Delay

  • Adjust large video displays to audio system delay

Variable Audio/Video Delay

  • 6.25 seconds at 1080i, 30.5 seconds in SD
  • Lip sync correction
  • Passes all VANC data including CEA-608/708
  • 20 total channels of audio delay (4 AES + 16emb)

Additional Features

  • Audio/Video full frame synchronizer
  • Audio embedder / de-embedder with channel mapping
  • Video test pattern / audio tone generator (20+ patterns)
  • Still image store and display
  • AES I/O, video and GPIs use only one slot

List Price: $4,950 (US)