5000 HD/SD Audio-Video Delay System

All in One Profanity Delay System

Cal Media’s 5000 openGear card is an all-in-one broadcast delay offering everything needed to managing objectionable material during live events. Includes built-in switching with reaction time, audio embedding/de-embedding, still image storage, and test pattern generator.

Profanity Switching

  • Switch to “Safe” inputs
  • Switch audio and video independently
  • 2 GPI control inputs
  • Programmable reaction times
  • Clean switching (NO clicks or pops)

Broadcast or Stadium Delay

  • Adjust large video displays to audio system delay

Variable Audio/Video Delay

  • 6.25 seconds at 1080i, 30.5 seconds in SD
  • Lip sync correction
  • Passes all VANC data including CEA-608/708
  • 20 total channels of audio delay (4 AES + 16emb)

Additional Features

  • Audio/Video full frame synchronizer
  • Audio embedder / de-embedder with channel mapping
  • Video test pattern / audio tone generator (20+ patterns)
  • Still image store and display
  • AES I/O, video and GPIs use only one slot

List Price: $5,950 (US)

“KRON 4 in San Francisco, a Nexstar Media Group TV Station, is thrilled to be using a Cal Media 5000 A/V delay system.  It is very cost effective, easy to integrate, simple to use, and has performed flawlessly when needed.  With KRON producing over 70 hours of local broadcast news per week, we have put our trust in this solution with great results.”