24 Frame Video Playback Converter

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The newest generation broadcast quality frame rate converter designed specifically for the film industry and widely used by studios and playback specialists.

Conventional standards converters are not designed for the varied playback situations encountered in the film industry, and often require the use of additional equipment. Schindler Imaging has incorporated the functionality of other equipment with our high quality processing, producing a single unit solution to simplify the task of 24 frame video playback. 

From 2001 to 2009, Schindler Imaging (now known as California Media Engineering) produced the MVP-24 Frame-rate converter. The MVP-24 (often called “the Schindler”) quickly became the industry standard for 24 Frame playback specialists.

The design of the MVPHD-24 is based on the earlier MVP-24’s functionality and has a similar look and feel. The MVPHD-24 maintains the same features as the earlier MVP-24 with many new standard features including full 10bit 1080p processing; up/down frame rate conversion; still image capture and display; custom test signals; HDMI, VGA, SDI, HD/SD component, and composite inputs and outputs.

  • Supports 23.98, 24.00, 25.00, 29.97, and 30.00 Fps frame-rates.
  • Designed specifically for 24 frame video playback
  • Similar look and feel to older model MVP-24
  • Supports SD, HD, and graphic resolutions up to 1080p for inputs and outputs
  • Full up/down/cross frame-rate converter
  • Composite, component, SDI, VGA, and HDMI inputs and outputs.
  • Auto input format/frame rate detection including VGA and HDMI resolutions
  • 10 bits per channel
  • 3 dimensional COMB filter (for composite input)
  • Motion compensated de-interlacer
  • Proc Amp controls
  • High performance scaler with adjustable picture resizing
  • RGB color correction controls
  • Output Color Temperature controls with 3200, 4800, and 5600 degree presets
  • Test signal generator for all outputs, including user generated full frame signals
  • Four FLASH based still image buffers available as inputs
  • Capture or Load still images to or from SD/MMC card
  • Visual effects including freeze frame, synchronized snow, or MPEG blockiness dissolve 
  • Genlock to Frame-Drive, Vert-drive, HD tri-level, SD black burst, or SDI input
  • Genlock phase controls: vertical (360 degree), horizontal, and subcarrier
  • Genlock indicator LED on the front panel
  • Audio channel mapping and level controls for embedded SDI and HDMI audio*
  • Dedicated EFX, TSG, Color Temp, Monochrome, Goto Black, and FAN buttons
  • User presets + factory default settings
  • 1 RU chassis, 17 x 12 inches, with removable rack mount ears
  • Front panel OLED graphic display for status and menu driven controls
  • 1.5 inch Front panel video display for monitoring output video
  • SD/MMC card interface to upgrade firmware and load or save still images
  • Chassis fan on/off control with 16 speed selections (to reduce audible noise on set)
  • Medical grade power supply
  • Internal Raspberry PI to provide remote control via Ethernet connection and openGear Dashboard software, supporting multiple MVPHD-24 units.*
  • Raspberry PI with connectable USB drive may also be a selectable HDMI input for 24 frame conversion of mp4 files, or customized websites (contact us for more info).

* future firmware release